Drinkable Rice Ball (6 Pack)

Pickled pump, bonito flakes, and seaweed flavor

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The rice ball (onigiri) is a staple of the Japanese diet but what about one that you can drink? That's right, the Drinkable Rice Ball is here to transform everything you think you know about Japanese cuisine. Available in either ume-katsuo (pickled plum and bonito flakes) or ume-kombu (pickled plum and seasoned kombu seaweed) flavors, these squeezable pouches are like a nutritious and delicious rice ball in a form that you can drink. Each pouch has fiber the equivalent of a whole lettuce.

Drinkable Rice Ball (6 Pack)
Drinkable Rice Ball (6 Pack)

The Drinkable Rice Ball features:

  • Pack of 6 drinks
  • Flavors: ume-katsuo (pickled plum and bonito flakes), ume-kombu (pickled plum and seasoned kombu seaweed)
  • Squeezable pouch
  • Pouch: 180g (6.3 oz) each
  • 280 kcal per pouch
  • Expiry period: 360 days
  • Store out of direct sunlight
  • Made with rice (grown in Japan), seaweed (Japanese)
  • Contains traces of soybean and wheat

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