Denchu Troope

Bug hunting digital toy

Scan the world around you for bugs and then capture then using this Denchu Troope, an interactive digital toy for bug-hunting, adventurous kids! After using the high frequency sensor to find and catch the bugs, you can select which ones you want to be your weapon - and then battle other kids with their own Denchu Troope!

Denchu Troope

Use the controls to "fight" your opponent's bugs or you can even swap and exchange bugs with your friends, making this a great toy for groups as well as solo fun. Three modes and three basic controls mean the Denchu Troope is a straightforward but always new experience.

The Denchu Troope features:

  • Three modes: capture, battle, exchange
  • Instructions: Japanese
  • Power: AAA batteries x 2 (not included)

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US$ 35