Cuvilady Bath Slimming Seat

Bathing waist exercise

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Sit on this Cuvilady Bath in the bath tub with your lower half submerged in water and then just move from side to side. Too simple to work? No, it really does. Your waist will be exercised and tightened, all while you relax in the bath. Hold onto the side of the bath while you move your hips in the water. The slimming seat allows you to swing up to 360 degrees and is designed especially to fit the shape of your pelvis and deliver the best results.

Cuvilady Bath Slimming Seat

The approach here is very fun and laid-back, right down to the five fun color designs (pink, black, blue, red, orange). There is no need for rigorous movement. Just relax in the bath while working on your figure. This compact and convenient seat has a special grip on the bottom to prevent it from slipping, and it will also float to the top if you get off it, meaning you'll never forget to put it away.

Cuvilady Bath Slimming Seat

The Cuvilady Bath Slimming Seat features:

  • Colors: pink, black, blue, red, orange
  • Size: around 290 x 290 x 125mm (11.4 x 11.4 x 4.9")
  • Recommended for use in bath tubs with water heated to 38-40°C (100-104°F)
  • Materials: ABS, non-slip rubber, elastomer etc

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