Converse All Star Ukiyoe Woodblock Print Hi Skeleton

Famous Japanese artwork design high-top sneakers

The Japanese have had a liking for the macabre for centuries. The Edo period produced ukiyoe woodblock print masterpieces showcasing various specters, ghosts, and supernatural beings that haunted the imagination of the people. Among them, none is more spectacular than Utagawa Kuniyoshi's In the Ruined Palace at Soma, which features the princess/witch Takiyasha and an enormous skeleton she has summoned. It is this very skeleton that features on the Converse All Star Ukiyoe Woodblock Print Hi Skeleton!

Bridging goth, punk, and heavy metal styles with early modern Japanese art, the Converse All Star Ukiyoe Woodblock Print Hi Skeleton comes in black to provide the perfect backdrop for the titular supernatural creature which stretches to the ankles. The skeleton only appears on the outer side so doesn't get in the way of the famous Converse All Star Chuck Taylor star logo ankle patch, but it's more than enough to give the shoes a unique look. Available in two sizes, made of cotton instead of the more commonly used canvas, and only available in the Japanese market!

Specs and Features:

  • Exclusive to Japan
  • Design: Utagawa Kuniyoshi's Soma no Furudairi (In the Ruined Palace at Soma)
  • Sizes: 22.5 cm (US 5.5, EU 36), 30 cm (US 11.5, EU 46.5)
  • Body of shoe: cotton
  • Outsole: rubber
  • Laces: cotton
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