Converse All Star Cup Noodle Slip Ox

Nissin instant ramen design sneakers

The Converse All Star Cup Noodle Slip Ox is what happens when two pop culture legends come together: Nissin's Cup Noodle line of instant ramen that gave birth to thousands of imitators in Japan and all over the world, and Converse's All Stars, the archetypal sneakers that also gave birth to global imitators. Boasting a visual design from the Cup Noodle packaging, the designers from the two companies have collaborated on a unique shoe that will become a classic in its own right!

On a black canvas, various elements from the Cup Noodle have been reproduced in white, including the Cup Noodle logo, cooking information, and ingredients. The logo of Nissin and All Star feature on the left and right heel, respectively, and there's a red tag with "hot water for 3 minutes" in Japanese on the back of each shoe. As we all know, this is the basic cooking guideline for preparing a delicious cup of instant ramen. Available in a variety of sizes, the Converse All Star Cup Noodle Slip Ox are THE sneakers for any serious lover of pop Japanese culture!

Specs and Features:

  • Special Nissin and Converse collaboration
  • Color: black canvas and white lettering
  • Sizes: 22 cm (US women's 5, EU 35), 22.5 cm (US women's 5.5/EU 36), 23 cm (US women's 6, EU 37), 23.5 cm (US women's 6.5, EU 38), 24 cm (US men's 6, US women's 7, EU 38), 24.5 cm (US men's 6.5, US women's 7.5, EU 39), 25.5 cm (US men's 7.5, US women's 8.5, EU 40.5)
  • Converse's React 2.0 insole
  • Come with spare curly shoelaces
  • Only available in Japan
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