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Chikurin Bamboo Bath Mat

Designer pressure point bath rug

The Chikurin Mat is a versatile rug perfect for your bathroom or toilet, though it will feel equally at home in your kitchen or hallway too. Ribbed with a raised bamboo motif, the mat is designed to stimulate pressure points on the feet that are thought to be connected to the heart.

Chikurin Bamboo Bath Mat

When you tread on these points bare foot, the raised surface delivers a relaxing feeling. Not only does this mat look stylish and original, it's good for your karma too!

Chikurin Bamboo Bath Mat

The Chikurin Mat features:

  • Bamboo-style design
  • Colors: green, white or gray
  • Size: 500 × 750mm (19.6 x 29.5”)
  • Material: 100% cotton

Peso: 1.5Kg / 3.3lbs
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