Casio GSR-H1000AST-1AJR Sports Watch

Running and walking companion wristwatch

US$ 559

Everyone is running these days and everyone wants their electronics to help make their running more effective. You already have your phone doing stuff for you, but wouldn't it be even better if you had a dedicated watch that could talk to it and allow you to see your body's performance during that last lap? Or how about if it wasn't a run but a walk? The Casio GSR-H1000AST-1AJR Sports Watch can do all that, thanks to its on-board sensors and compatibility with the Runmetrix and Walkmetrix smartphone apps developed by Casio and top Japanese sports equipment maker Asics.

The list of the Casio GSR-H1000AST-1AJR Sports Watch's features is exhaustive (see below!) but suffice to say, it combines some of the G-Shock's best features (shock resistance, 20-bar water resistance, stainless steel case, etc.) and some of Casio's top timekeeping functions (38-cities/time zones world time, 100-hour stopwatch, four alarms, etc.) with Bluetooth and GPS technology as well as a series of special features like a heart monitor, step counter, and compatibility with Casio's CMT-S20R-AS motion sensor. What you get with the GSR-H1000AST-1AJR is a high-quality sports accessory that improves your physical performance in ways until now available only to elite athletes –and it's stylish too!

Specs and Features:

  • Model: GSR-H1000AST-1AJR
  • Case dimensions: 63 x 55 x 21.5 mm (2.4 x 2.1 x 0.8")
  • Weight: 99 g (3.4 oz)
  • Case/bezel material: stainless steel
  • Band: polymer resin
  • Shock-resistant
  • Water resistance: 20 bars
  • Time adjustment: Bluetooth (connects to a smartphone), GPS satellite radio wave reception (automatic reception, maximum 1 time/day, manual reception)
  • World time: 38 cities/time zones, automatic daylight saving time setting function, UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) display
  • Stopwatch: 1", 100-hour counter, split
  • Alarms: 4 with snooze function
  • Light: LED backlight (with auto light, super illuminator, afterglow function, afterglow time switching for 1.5 seconds or 5 seconds)
  • Calendar: fully automatic
  • Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion battery (charging USB Type-A cable included)
  • Charging time: approx. 2.5 hours
  • Step count measurement: 3-axis accelerometer
  • Step count measurement range: 0 to 99,999 steps (to display the number of steps on the watch, you must connect it to the Runmetrix or Walkmetrix smartphone apps)
  • Step count reset: automatically reset at 00:00 every day
  • Step accuracy: +/-3%
  • Heart rate maximum measurement: 220 bpm
  • Target heart rate setting function
  • Heart rate zone graphic display
  • Heart rate transition graph
  • Maximum heart rate, minimum heart rate
  • Calculates and displays distance, speed and pace through GPS
  • Activity log data: up to 100 runs, up to 140 lap data each, time, distance, pace, calories burned, average heart rate, maximum heart rate
  • 12/24-hour display
  • Airplane mode
  • Vibration function
  • Compatible with Runmetrix and Walkmetrix smartphone apps developed by Casio and Asics
  • Compatible with CMT-S20R-AS motion sensor (sold separately)
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
Peso: 0.4Kg / 0.88lbs
US$ 559

US$ 559