Breath Palette Water Excellent Pack

Flavored mouthwash set

Why should mouthwash be boring? That's where this Breath Palette Water Excellent Pack comes in, which offers FOUR exciting flavors to spruce up your mornings and nights. Proper oral hygiene is important but need not be a chore with these original tasting mouthwashes.

In this pack of 32 you get lavender, orange, white peach, rose, and orange flavors. We think you'll agree, you don't get much more innovative than lavender mouthwash! These are great for parties or special occasions, or for just making keeping your mouth clean more fun.

Specs and Features:

  • Set of 32 mouthwash packs (10 ml, 0.3 fl oz each)
  • Flavors: Lavender, Orange, White Peach, Rose (eight of each flavor)
  • Contains no surfactants
  • Hold in mouth for 10-30 seconds
  • Actual mouthwashes may vary from images (examples only)
  • Labels/instructions: Japanese
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US$ 40