Blue Earth 2 Terrestrial Globe Puzzle

Self-assembly 3D Earth globe kit

Online maps have made them obsolete but there is something about globes that can't be replaced with an app, no matter how accurate: a touch of analog nostalgia for the days when travel wasn't as easy as it is today, a reminder of how we all live on a blue rock spinning in space – whatever the reason, an Earth globe certainly adds a special touch on your desk (or anywhere in your home or office for that matter). And with the Blue Earth 2 Terrestrial Globe Puzzle, you have the added bonus that it is one you have made yourself!

Available in two models/sizes, the Blue Earth 2 Terrestrial Globe Puzzle is a fully detailed globe broken down into 240 or 540 pieces that you put together yourself. To make things easier, since this is not your regular flat jigsaw puzzle, each piece is numbered and also has arrows to show you where it goes. It's still quite challenging, though, so be prepared for a few hours of, well, puzzlement. Build our planet from scratch with this exciting home project and enjoy a unique view of the Earth in all its green and blue glory from the comfort of your desk!

Specs and Features:

  • Options: 240 pieces, 540 pieces
  • Pieces are numbered
  • 240-piece globe diameter when finished: 15.2 cm (6")
  • 540-piece globe diameter when finished: 22.9 cm (9")
  • 240-piece globe total height (with stand): 18 cm (7")
  • 540-piece globe total height (with stand): 27 cm (10.6")
  • Comes with transparent stand
  • Language: Japanese
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