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Bath Lifting Face Mask

Beauty anti-aging fight wrinkles massage

This Bath Lifting Face Mask might not be the elixir of youth but it's certainly an assured way to fight wrinkles, lines and double chins, shaping your face into a tight, smaller and more attractive size. With a hole for your mouth and another for your chin, the stretchy mask wraps tight around your face.

Bath Lifting Face Mask

On either side there are two grips (standing in for the hands of a masseur) and the materials are designed to make your skin sweat, creating a mini sauna and reinvigorating effect on your cheeks. The flush improves your skin condition and makes you look younger. The mask is made from a composite silicone with collagen, Hyaluronic and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

Bath Lifting Face Mask

The Bath Lifting Face Mask features:

  • For best results, use in the bath
  • Cease using if skin
  • Fights wrinkles, lines and double chins
  • Materials: silicone resin
  • Weight: around 55g (1.9 oz)
  • Made in Japan

Bath Lifting Face Mask
Peso: 0.25Kg / 0.55lbs
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