Balmuda The Brew

Open-drip multi-mode coffee maker

Starting with its groundbreaking toaster that took Japan market by storm in 2015, Balmuda has made a name for both the functionality and the design of its products, and the new Balmuda The Brew coffee maker is no exception. Using the company's Clear Brewing Method, which involves a very precise 0.2 ml dripping system that alternates between drips and regular flow, this open-drip machine allows you to create (truly the right word here!) the best one, two, or even three cups of coffee you have ever tried.

For all its innovation, Balmuda The Brew is very easy to use: you just fill it with water, add coffee in the filter (sold separately), press "On," choose one of the three available modes (regular, strong, and iced, plus a fourth that cleans the machine), the number of cups, and then press the "Start" button. In minutes, your space is filled with the aroma of fresh coffee while it drips into Balmuda's stylish, stainless steel carafe!

Specs and Features:

  • Modes: regular, strong, iced
  • Quantity: up to 3 cups
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Filter type: paper
  • Capacity: carafe, 500 ml (16.9 fl oz), tank 490 ml (16.5 fl oz)
  • Dimensions: 379 x 140 x 297 mm (14.9 x 5.5 x 11.6")
  • Weight: approx. 3.4 kg (7.4 lbs)
  • Operating voltage: AC 100V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 1,450W
  • Power cord length: 1 m (3.28 ft)
  • Materials: stainless steel, PP
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
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US$ 877