Akarina 01 LED Hydroponic Grow Box

Vegetable, herb cultivating unit

Small homes in big cities are the norm in Japan, meaning most people don't have gardens. So how do people satisfy their green fingers? By using hydroponic planters and grow boxes. The Akarina series is one of the best LED units to start with and this compact, attractive Akarina 01 will make a stylish addition to any kitchen or household. Grow fresh salads in around 30 days without any of the fuss or dirt of actual gardening. The unit includes everything you need to get started straightaway, and looks great on a dining table, shelf, desk or even an entrance hall.

Akarina 01 LED Hydroponic Grow Box

The Akarina 01 LED Hydroponic Grow Box features:

  • Size: around 320 x 350mm (12.6 x 13.8")
  • Weight: 2.1kg (4.6 lbs)
  • Harvest time: around 30 days
  • Materials: ABS, PP
  • Power: AC100V, 50/60Hz, DC12V
  • Includes cultivation cases x 3, culture panels x 3, covers x 3, panel lids x 14, liquid fertilizer x 1, seeds (bag of 20), sponges x 30, AC adapter
  • Instructions: Japanese

Akarina 01 LED Hydroponic Grow Box
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