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Yamamoto Coolruck

Cooling rucksack sports backpack

While you have likely seen these kind of cooling backpacks for runners and hikers before, we doubt you've seen one as small and slim as the Yamamoto Coolruck. What's more, this is made by specialist sewing studio Yamamoto Housei, so the fabric quality is highly absorbent and fast drying at the same time. Perfect for anyone who sweats a lot in hot weather or when doing sports.

Yamamoto Coolruck

Available in dark or light blue or yellow, the pack is a stylish way to avoid heat stroke thanks to its built-in ice pack. The whole Coolruck is designed so you hardly notice it's there on your back, but it certainly is, working hard to cool you down. The makers say it is suitable for both those doing sports as well as people vulnerable to heat stroke when out and about, such as the elderly.

Yamamoto Coolruck

The Yamamoto Coolruck features:

  • Color: dark blue, light blue, yellow
  • Chest area: around 75-100cm (29.5-39.4")
  • Materials: polyester 100% with high absorbent "belloasis" fibers, fast-drying "CEO" fibers
  • Ice pack included

Peso della Spedizione: 1.5Kg / 3.3lbs
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