Uni-ball One Japanese-Style Pen Set

Classic Japanese colors

When you hear that the Uni-ball One Japanese-Style Pen Set is manufactured by a company called Mitsubishi, it's natural to assume that it is part of the conglomerate of the same name but no: these pens come from another Mitsubishi that has its own history, being in the pencil and pen business since 1887. The Uni and Uni-ball are two of its most famous lines in pencils and pens, respectively, but the pens in this particular set (sets, actually: there are two) will certainly make the line even more famous – at least in Japan!

First, it's the choice of colors: the six pens that come in the Uni-ball One Japanese-Style Pen Set, either in its Miyabi or its Hannari version are all pastel hues that take their inspiration from flowers like the Chinese bellflower or plants like the loquat, or traditional sweets like the kurikinton (chestnut and sweet potatoes cream) or the sakura monaka (cherry and beans wafer). And if this tip of the hat to classic Japanese aesthetics wasn't enough, the pens come in two different point sizes (0.38 mm/0.01" and 0.5 mm/0.2") and are filled with a special gel ink that doesn't bleed, allowing for smoother writing!

Specs and Features:

  • Size: 0.38 mm (0.01"), 0.5 mm (0.2")
  • Color sets: Miyabi (Chinese bellflower, beans sweet, loquat), Hanari (cherry wafer, jade green, chestnut cream)
  • Ink type: gel
  • Limited edition
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