Tsumugi Men's All In One Gel

Moisturizer, spot remover and anti-aging skin care for men

Japanese people, men or women, rarely look their age: they usually seem much younger. The main reason is their skin, which is clear, smooth and fresh. While Japan's humid climate certainly helps, the Japanese cosmetics industry has also played its part. If you haven't tried your first Japanese skin-care product yet, then Tsumugi Men's All In One Gel is the best way to start!

Tsumugi Mens All In One Gel

Tsumugi Men's All In One Gel is a unique combination of plant extracts, collagen and placenta, created especially for male skin. Without any alcohol, mineral oils or synthetic coloring and fragrance, it's guaranteed to keep your skin moist (but not sticky!). This will help in removing all those annoying spots and to give your skin back its elasticity, thus delaying its aging process. Yes, the secret to Japanese-perfect skin in one 100g (3.5 oz) jar!

The Tsumugi Men's All In One Gel features:

  • Created by Tsumugi Cosmetics, one of Japan's premier skin-care products company
  • Contains star fruit leaf, rice bran, Robert Geranium, artichoke, pear juice and chamomile extracts, placenta, water-soluble collagen, etc.
  • Weight: 100g (3.5 oz)
  • Made in Japan

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