Tokyo Girls' Hairstyles

Japanese street fashion wigs

For all those fans of Japanese and Asian fashion come the perfect series of hairpieces to complete your look. The Tokyo Girls' Hairstyles feature a range of striking styles that shout "cute Japanese girl". Delight your friends and stun your co-workers with a total image change courtesy of the Japan Trend Shop.

Tokyo Girls Hairstyles

Each wig is based on the fashion subculture of a particular Tokyo district. Do you want to be a Shibuya gyaru or a Harajuku Gothic Lolita-type? How about a sophisticated Ginza look or party girl Roppongi style? Whichever you choose, these wigs will make sure you will be ever inch the Japanese princess.

Tokyo Girls Hairstyles

The Tokyo Girls' Hairstyles features:

  • Japanese-style female wig x1
  • Choose from: Harajuku, Roppongi, Shibuya, or Ginza
  • Harajuku: pearl gold, 184g, 9-53cm (3.5-20.9")
  • Roppongi: cookie brown, 172g, 35-61cm (13.8-24")
  • Ginza: burgundy blend, 187, 12-65cm (4.7-25.6")
  • Shibuya: champagne gold, 150g, 12-54cm (4.7-21.3")

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