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Tattoo Cover Aqua Stickers

Skin shields irezumi, body art concealer

Some attitudes in Japan seem bizarre, even frustrating, to foreign eyes. For example, take tattoos. Although Japanese tattoo art is among the most beautiful and rich in the world, because of its symbolic association with the criminal world people with tattoos are usually not allowed into public bathhouses, hot springs, or even public swimming pools. But more and more tourists with tattoos are visiting Japan and more young Japanese people are getting tattoos, so what can be done? Easy. Just wear a Tattoo Cover Aqua over your "offensive" ink and then you can bathe without fear of being ejected from the premises.

Tattoo Cover Aqua Stickers

This is a set of four postcard-sized sheets, each in a different gradation of skin color. They are printed using an industry-first water-pressure technique, and in addition to body art can also be used to conceal stretch marks, bruises, and other markings on the skin that you would rather keep out of public gaze.

Tattoo Cover Aqua Stickers

The Tattoo Cover Aqua Stickers features:

  • Strong type
  • Water-resistant (use in swimming pool, hot spring, spa, gym, etc)
  • For tattoo/body art
  • Includes four sheets (different white skin colors)
  • Sheet size: 10 x 15cm (3.9 x 5.9")
  • Water-pressure printed (industry-first)
  • Can also be used to cover bruises and stretch marks
  • No color loss, no color transfer from ink to clothing
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)

Tattoo Cover Aqua Stickers
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