Tattoo Concealer Sticker

Tattoo and skin blemish concealing tape

No matter how popular tattoos are in the West, in Japan they are still considered if not exactly taboo, certainly something to be avoided. As many visitors in Japan find out, this can mean restriction to pools, hot springs, and even some gyms and other facilities where skin is exposed. The Tattoo Concealer Sticker is a smart workaround since most facilities don't mind tattoos as long as they are not visible. So unless you have some seriously skin art, this is a simple yet effective solution!

Made of a colored polyester film, the Tattoo Concealer Sticker is suitable for concealing body ink or even hiding a small scar or birthmark. It comes in three different colors: light ocher, ocher, and tan ocher. All are available in either small (25 x 65 mm / 1 x 2.6") or standard (65 x 95 mm / 2.6 x 3.7") sizes. Easy to put on, durable, and waterproof, the sticker looks clear and natural.

Specs and Features:

  • Colors: light ocher, ocher, tan ocher
  • Sizes: small, standard
  • Thickness: 0.02 mm (0.0008")
  • Small size: 2 sheets (12 pieces in total)
  • Standard size: 2 sheets (4 pieces in total)
  • Waterproof
  • Dimensions (small): 25 x 65 mm (1 x 2.6")
  • Dimensions (standard:) 65 x 95 mm (2.6 x 3.7")
  • Materials: polyester film, ink
  • Made in Japan
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