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Sumibako Charcoal Trash Can

Eco air freshener

The Sumibako is an environmentally friendly garbage can designed to absorb unpleasant smells and moisture from the air. Made from recycled materials of charcoal, wood and driftwood, the bag itself is collapsible and easily stored flat when it’s not needed.

Sumibako Charcoal Trash Can

As the charcoal is porous, it naturally absorbs nasty smells along with moisture, making it a great dehumidifier as well as air freshener. It can also double as a storage space for everyday items. Simply pull the ends of the bag open, fold down the top and get started.

Sumibako Charcoal Trash Can

The Sumibako features:

  • Recycled trash can or storage unit
  • Color: black
  • Small version (3L): 150 × 220mm (5.9 x 8.6”)
  • Medium version (10L): 200 × 350mm (7.8 x 13.7”)
  • Large version (30L): 290 × 500mm (11.4 x 19.6”)
  • Material: Charcoal non woven fabric
  • Made in Japan

Sumibako Charcoal Trash Can
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