Son Bahyu Horse Oil Cream

Natural skin protection wax

This very popular cream has long been a local secret in Japan and one of the bestselling items on @cosme for years. Finally, word about it began to leak out to the rest of the world, although availability is still scarce. Fragrance-free, the Son Bahyu Horse Oil Cream Set contains only natural horse oil. Use it on your face or body, and it will help protect your skin. It can even be used with sensitive skin types or babies.

Son Bahyu Horse Oil Cream

Horse oil has been used as a remedy and beauty treatment for centuries, even since it was introduced to Japan from ancient China. Son Bahyu also breeds only quality horses, so its creams do not contain oil from former racing horses or other steeds that are no longer healthy. For best results, the cream should be used as a base for your cosmetics and other body care lotions.

The Son Bahyu Horse Oil Cream Set features:

  • 70ml (2.4 fl oz) each
  • Fragrance-free
  • 100% horse oil
  • Can be used on body
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and babies

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