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Rice-bran Oil Lip Balm

Lip care with rice-bran oil and beeswax

Many people have qualms when it comes to lip balms and creams but you don't need any such concerns with the Rice-bran Oil Lip Balm: made from purely organic ingredients like rice-bran oil, beeswax, litsea, and mint, this is a product as safe as food! As soon as you'll put it on, you will feel it melting on your lips and actually feeding them and giving them a natural glaze.

Rice-bran Oil Lip Balm

If your lips get dry or you're looking for a good foundation for your lipstick or even just regular lip care before or after sleep, the Rice-bran Oil Lip Balm will do all that and rejuvenate the sensitive skin around your mouth. Available in two flavors, mint or litsea, to fit your different moods, this is a great way to start your day, even when the weather is cold and dry. Just rub a little on and you're good to go!

Rice-bran Oil Lip Balm

The Rice-bran Oil Lip Balm features:

  • Flavors: mint, litsea
  • Contains rice-bran oil, beeswax, litsea essential oil, etc.
  • Weight: 5g (0.17 oz)

Peso della Spedizione: 0.1Kg / 0.22lbs
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