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Rice Bran Facial Oil

Rice bran-based face skin treatment

It might smell like geranium and contain geranium oil (and also argan pit oil and lemon peel oil), but like its name says, the thing that makes the Rice Bran Facial Oil unique is the oil extracted from the bran of rice. Yes, the same rice that has been the staple food for the Japanese since pretty much the dawn of time is here now to make your face's skin smoother and more resistant to the fatigue brought about by exposure to the sun's UV radiation.

Rice Bran Facial Oil

The best way to use Rice Bran Facial Oil is by applying two or three drops on your face after you wash it and before you use any type of lotion. It's essential oils are absorbed by your skin without leaving any stickiness (making it ideal for use both in the morning and in the evening) and create the perfect foundation for your daily face care, enhancing and sustaining the effects. Nourish your face with this amazing rice-based product from the land that really knows its rice!

Rice Bran Facial Oil

The Rice Bran Facial Oil features:

  • Fragrance: geranium
  • 30 ml (1 fl oz)
  • Ingredients: rice bran oil, argan pit oil, geranium oil, lemon peel oil

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