Recovery Sandal Warm Black

Autumn and winter outdoor slippers

It takes some getting used to but much less so in Japan: when your traditional culture considers slippers formal footwear, it's easier to adopt outdoor slippers like the Recovery Sandal Warm Black. But you don't need to be Japanese to appreciate them: they are so comfortable, easy to walk in, and warm that they'll immediately become your go-to choice of casual footwear, replacing sneakers and the like. Even when you're taking long walks around town (actually, especially then), it will feel as if you are walking barefoot on a thick carpet at home!

There are many things that make Tential's Recovery Sandal Warm Black one of the most comfortable footwear items you have experienced: starting from the curved bottom that allows your foot to follow a natural, rocking motion as you walk to their soft velour insole and their special combination of materials that offer improved heat retention, everything has been designed to maximize convenience. And they are available in several sizes that cover most of the common shoe sizes in the world.

Specs and Features:

  • Color: black
  • Sizes: XS, M, L, XXL
  • Curved bottom for rocking motion when walking
  • Velour insole
  • Thick but soft sole design for improved shock absorption
  • Improved heat retention
  • Dimensions (XS): 23-23.5 cm (US women's 6.5-7, EU 36-37.5)
  • Dimensions (M): 25-25.5 cm (US women's 9-9.5, US men's 7-7.5, EU 40-40.5)
  • Dimensions (L): 26-26.5 cm (US women's 10-10.5, US men's 8-8.5, EU 41-42)
  • Dimensions (XXL): 28-28.5 cm (US men's 10-10.5, EU 44-44.5)
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