Ponyo Glass Cup

Studio Ghibli anime character glassware

It isn't My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, or Kiki's Delivery Service. Actually, if you're not a diehard Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli fan, there's a chance you might not have even heard of Ponyo, aka Ponyo on the Cliff. And that would be a real shame, because this 2008 film by the anime industry's undisputed grand master wasn't just a major commercial success but also a very interesting take on one of the great classic fairy tales of all times, The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen. And the eponymous character here provides the mischievous face decorating the Ponyo Glass Cup!

The Ponyo Glass Cup is an official piece of Studio Ghibli merchandise, so you know the illustrations are really going to capture the original anime's visuals. It's approximately 80 x 72 mm (3.1 x 2.8") and has a capacity of 185 ml (6.3 fl oz), making it ideal for tea, especially barley tea, which is Japan's staple summer drink. Transparent liquids are also fine, but ones with a bit of color in them make Ponyo and the other sea creatures really come to life!

Specs and Features:

  • Official Studio Ghibli merchandise
  • Design: Ponyo under the sea
  • Dimensions: approx. 80 x 72 mm (3.1 x 2.8")
  • Weight: 169 g (6 oz)
  • Capacity: 185 ml (6.3 fl oz)
  • Material: glass
  • Not for use in microwave, oven, or dishwasher
  • Not to be used over open flame or with boiling water
  • Made in Japan
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