Pokemon Rubik's Cube

Character-themed 3D puzzle

One more variation on the Rubik's Cube theme that, after over 40 years of existence, has become synonymous with puzzle-solving. This time, though, the Pokemon Rubik's Cube offers you have the opportunity to combine your skills with your love for one of Japanese pop culture's most famous franchises: Nintendo's Pokemon, the cute but often scary little monsters that have been inhabiting the Pokemon universe since the mid-'90s. With the Pokemon Rubik's Cube, you have in your hands 53 of them!

Like all Rubik's Cubes, the basic premise behind this Pokemon Rubik's Cube is matching the colors on the six sides. The difference is that here each color corresponds to a different Pokemon type, so you have white for normal, green for grass, yellow for electric, orange for dragon, blue for water, and red for fire. Each color/side comes with nine different Pokemon (one square is missing in the White side for the Rubik logo!). If it's been a while since you last tried to solve a Rubik's Cube, this is your chance to get back in practice!

The Pokemon Rubik Cube features:

  • Colors/Pokemon types: white/normal, green/grass, yellow/electric, orange/dragon, blue/water, red/fire
  • Dimensions: 57 x 57 x 57 mm (2.2 x 2.2 x 2.2")
  • Material: ABS
  • Licensed by Nintendo
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