Pokemon Plamo Collection Big 01 Magikarp

Game character plastic model figure kit

It is the most common Pokemon in the waters of all Pokemon regions. It becomes the dragon-like Gyarados, echoing the myth in China and Japan that carps become strong when swimming upstream and are transformed into dragons. Despite it being just a fish, it is quite spectacular with its bright red and yellow colors. We are talking, of course, about Magikarp (aka Koiking in Japanese) and with the Pokemon Plamo Collection Big 01 Magikarp, you can have it on your Pokemon shelf. What's more, you get the satisfaction of having built it yourself!

At 20 cm (7.8"), the Pokemon Plamo Collection Big 01 Magikarp makes for an impressive exhibit that lights up any Pokemon figures lineup. It's made of 30 pieces, color-coded to make assembling much easier, and comes with its own transparent display stand. And it isn't just a static figure either: there are several parts that you can move and change position, so every day your Magikarp can be a little different. No need for glue, scissors, or any other tools: snap the pieces out, put them together, and get your very own spectacular, live-seeming Magikarp in front of you in minutes!

Specs and Features:

  • Plastic model figure kit
  • Movable parts for dynamic posing
  • Self-assembly
  • Parts: 30
  • Length: 20 cm (7.8")
  • Includes display stand and stickers
  • For ages: 6 and above
  • No tools or glue required
  • Nintendo licensed merchandise
  • Made by Bandai
  • Instructions: Japanese (but color-coded for easy assembly)
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