Panasonic Handy Toilette DL-P300

Travel bidet cleaning shower

Japanese toilets are state of the art, coming with heated seats and all sorts of buttons and gizmos. This can mean that Japanese tourists traveling abroad are disappointed when a local toilet doesn't have the same options. Many Japanese toilets now come fitted with mini bidet shower functions to rinse you after you are finished. How can you be sure to have this same experience wherever you are in the world? Simple. Take the Panasonic Handy Toilette DL-P300 with you.

Panasonic Handy Toilette DL-P300

Just fill the Handy Toilette up with water, lock on the top and open the nozzle. Then with the spray (in even high- or low-power settings) you can clean yourself or even the toilet (including before use if it doesn't look sanitary). If there is no water faucet to hand, the Handy Toilette has been cleverly designed to fit most bottles.

Panasonic Handy Toilette DL-P300

Lightweight and compact, the Handy Toilette is super easy to use and also looks nice too, coming in a range of colors. You'll find all sorts of uses for it when you are on the move. For example, it is a neat tool to take camping or even to keep around in case you need to change a baby's diaper in a hurry.

The Panasonic Handy Toilette DL-P300 features:

  • Colors: red, pink, violet, black, blue, turquoise green
  • Shower: 350-230mL (11.8-7.8 fl oz)
  • Capacity: 130mL (4.4 fl oz)
  • Power: DC3V (AAA batteries x 2)
  • Battery life: around 100 uses
  • Size: 45 x 154mm (1.8 x 6.1") (not in use)
  • Weight: around 230g (8.1 oz) (inc. batteries)
  • Includes nozzle, PET bottle adapter, strap
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)

Panasonic Handy Toilette DL-P300
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