My Neighbor Totoro Catbus Balance Toy

Studio Ghibli anime character toy and puzzle

After the forest spirit Totoro himself, the next most-beloved character from My Neighbor Totoro, the 1988 film that catapulted anime director Hayao Miyazaki to fame, is not one of the two girl leads (Mei and Satsuki) but the Catbus, a magical creature that is a cross between an enormous cat and a bus. The My Neighbor Totoro Catbus Balance Toy is one of the most imaginative Catbus-inspired items available in Japan, guaranteed to give you hours of fun with this popular character as a playmate!

The My Neighbor Totoro Catbus Balance Toy consists of a 95 mm (3.9") Catbus figure that can stand in several ways, including on its feet, back, and haunches, plus six other characters and items from the My Neighbor Totoro film: a Susuwatari soot sprite like those in the closets of the Kusakabe family house, a small Totoro, a frog, an ear of corn, a bus stop, and an umbrella. What you must try to do is position all of them on the Catbus and keep the whole thing balanced and upright. If you think it's easy, think again!

Specs and Features:

  • Official Studio Ghibli merchandise
  • Includes 1 Catbus, 1 Susuwatari soot sprite, 1 small Totoro, 1 frog, 1 ear of corn, 1 bus stop, 1 umbrella
  • Many possible combinations
  • Length (Catbus): 95 mm (3.9")
  • Material: PVC
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