Labomo Art Black Lotion for Hair Growth

Medicinal hair restoration and repair treatment for men

Hair thinning might be a problem for women too but there's no doubt things are much worse for men – and not just for guys over 50! If you're already seeing signs that your hair is heading that (downward) way or you want to help prevent it from happening, the Labomo Art Black Lotion for Hair Growth is exactly what you need! Its unique composition makes your existing hair stronger and repairs any damage that dryers or the sun's UV rays have caused, and also promotes the growth of new, healthy hair with a simple routine care twice a day (morning and evening).

Through a mix of ingredients from Chinese medicine (like the sun-dried mandarin orange peel chenpi and the Cistanche tubulosa plant that grows in China's Taklamakan Desert), from standard Western cosmetology (like German chamomile extract, jojoba oil, and Roman chamomile oil), and from Japan's own haircare arsenal (like senburi or Swertia japonica extract, seaweed extract, and soybean extract), the Labomo Art Black Lotion not only makes your hair look good but also nurtures it and makes it stronger! Available in an easy-to-use 90 ml (3 fl oz) pump bottle.

Specs and Features:

  • 90 ml (3 fl oz)
  • Contains: carrot extract, Stephania cephalantha alkaloid, chenpi extract, Cistanche tubulosa extract, Siberian ginseng extract, French pine bark extract, Chinese skullcap extract, sage extract, coffee extract, blackberry lily extract, strawberry geranium extract, seaweed extract, chia extract, soybean extract, clove extract, senburi (Swertia japonica) extract, pine extract, German chamomile extract, glycine, jojoba oil, Roman chamomile oil, hydrogenated soy phospholipids, purified water, water, etc.
  • Surfactant-free
  • Made in Japan
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