Kose Maihada Rice Power Hada Jun Pore Solution

Moisturizing facial serum

Gaping pores are one of the major causes of uneven skin and the most common method of dealing with them is to use some sort of concealer. While this is one way to deal with the problem, it doesn't really deal with its root and this is where the Kose Maihada Rice Power Hada Jun Pore Solution proves a game changer: combining two actions (covering the pores with its Silky Skin Veil formula and adjusting the amount of oil and moisture in the pores), it changes the look of your skin from the moment you apply it and achieves a more permanent solution over time!

Pores stay open due to dryness, so the Kose Maihada Rice Power Hada Jun Pore Solution basically addresses that using a combination of fermented rice liquid (what Kose calls Rice Power No. 7), rice bran extract, hyaluronic acid, and humic soil extract to not only fill the pores but give them the moisture they need to keep your skin smooth, plumpm and young. It comes in a 30 ml (1 fl oz) tube and can also be used before makeup to absorb sebum and prevent it from breaking down during the day.

Specs and Features:

  • Type: gel
  • 30 ml (1 fl oz)
  • Skin type: dry, normal
  • Contains: Rice Power No. 7 (fermented rice liquid), rice bran extract, fermented hyaluronic acid, mud extract (humic soil extract), glycerin, water, silica, etc.
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