Konnyaku Shabon Sakura Cherry Blossom Konjac Soap

Scented face cleansing made from konjac

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One of the less celebrated ingredients of Japanese cuisine, konnyaku (konjac or as it is, somewhat exaggeratedly, known in the West, devil's tongue) has lately become an international sensation in the cosmetics market and especially for facial cleansers. Between their springy texture and rich foam, soaps made from konnyaku like the Konnyaku Shabon Sakura Cherry Blossom Konjac Soap can now be found in facial-care kits the world over, offering moisturization and deep cleansing for even the most sensitive skins!

Konjac root extract isn't the only thing that sets the Konnyaku Shabon Sakura Cherry Blossom Konjac Soap apart, though: also containing ceramides derived naturally from yuzu fruit and mandarin orange peel extract, the soap boosts your moisture levels and repairs dry and cracked skin. At the same time, the extracts from Sato cherry flower and Somei Yoshino leaf extract nourish your skin – and also leave it smelling like a Japanese orchard in cherry blossom season!

Specs and Features:

  • Fragrance: cherry blossom, rose, orange
  • Weight: 100 g (3.5 oz)
  • For skin types: dry, sensitive
  • Contains ceramides derived naturally from yuzu fruit extract, konjac root extract, and mandarin orange peel extract
  • Ingredients: water, glycerin, Oshima cherry leaf water, tamarind seed gum, Sato cherry flower extract, konnyaku root extract, Somei Yoshino leaf extract, broadleaf plantain seed extract, etc.
  • No petroleum-based preservatives, mineral oils, petroleum-based surfactants, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colorings, or petroleum-based ethanol
  • Limited Tokyo Station edition
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