Kinka Gold Nano Soap

Gold-leaf skin-care

Gold-leaf soaps have been popular for centuries around the world and in Japan form part of a major skin-care trend involving face packs, moisturizers, and more. This Kinka Gold Nano Soap contains actual gold leaf and will help make your skin more translucent and clear. The buoyant bubbles and foam it lathers up are more effective at cleansing dirt from hair follicles. The soap is made by hand and allowed to dry naturally over four months. Its lack of impurities compared to regular soap is evident in the quality of the soap bubbles it creates. Use this soap sparingly for long-lasting results: it should last a month if used for the whole body or two months if used only in the morning and evening.

Kinka Gold Nano Soap

The Kinka Gold Nano Soap features:

  • Gold leaf soap
  • Also includes moisture retention components: water-soluble collagen, platinum, squalene
  • 100g (3.5 oz)
  • Instructions: Japanese

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