King of Beasts Cat Bed

Lion-theme feline bolster bed

Supposedly it was Victor Hugo who said that God has made the cat to give man the pleasure of caressing the tiger. Even if he didn't, though, every cat lover knows that there's more than a physical resemblance between the big cats that live in the jungles of Asia or the savanna of Africa and the smaller ones living in our homes. Being part of the same family, all cats behave alike: i.e., as if they are rulers of their environment and this is why yours will appreciate the King of Beasts Cat Bed!

Even without the artwork, the approximately 56 x 53 x 12 cm (22 x 21 x 44.7") King of Beasts Cat Bed will make a great home for your pet. This is a bolster type, so has raised walls that keep your cat protected, and is made of very soft-to-the-touch 100% polyester. The best part, of course, is the artwork: your cat will be in the company of two female and one male lions that stand out on the bed's front and watch the surroundings while it's been taking its naps!

Specs and Features:

  • For cats and small dogs
  • Detachable washable cushion
  • Dimensions: approx. 56 x 53 x 12 cm (22 x 21 x 44.7")
  • Material: polyester 100%
  • Special order: please allow 1-2 months for delivery
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