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Kaki Flower Vase

Attachable, "suspended" design

The Kaki Flower Vase represents the best kind of Japanese household design: minimalist, practical and heartwarming. The nearly flat vase is made from plastic and comes in a round shape that looks great when "hanging" in the air on a mirror or window.

Kaki Flower Vase

Just attach it to a surface and pour in water, and then your flower will seem to be suspended or floating. The sturdy PVC materials can be bent without fear of tearing them as well, so removing the vase from a mirror or window is a simple affair. The vase is also incredibly compact so you can get several (there is a range of colors) to create brilliant effects in the home.

Kaki Flower Vase

The Kaki Flower Vase features:

  • Colors: blue, brown, clear
  • Designed by TODO
  • Use only on flat surfaces
  • Size: around 123 x 18 x 123mm (4.8 x 0.7 x 4.8")
  • Recommended to be filled up to 70% with water
  • Materials: PVC
  • Made in Japan

Kaki Flower Vase
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