Jura Panic Angry Dinosaur Game

Megahouse family game for kids

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This hungry and angry prehistoric beast will guard its nest with a vengeance. Can you be careful and fast enough to evade its snapping jaws? Just pop in the variously colored eggs into the leaf-covered nest to start this Jura Panic Angry Dinosaur Game by funsters Megahouse.

Jura Panic Angry Dinosaur Game

Then roll the die to see what color you get. Now comes the challenge. Pick up the pincers and try to remove the right colored egg before... CRUNCH! This tyrannosaurus will at some point snap down on you and you can save goodbye to your hand! A great, simple (and don't worry, safe!) game for the whole family to play, especially with young children.

Jura Panic Angry Dinosaur Game

The Jura Panic Angry Dinosaur Game features:

  • Works on a five-minute timer
  • Power: AA batteries x 2
  • Includes die (dice x1), pincers, five kinds of egg parts (20 eggs), dinosaur and nest

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