ideaco Pet Feeder Tilted Food Bowl for Dogs

Tilting bowl and base

We rarely think more about it: we put our pet's food into a bowl and leave it on the floor at their favorite spot, and that's about it. But we should pay more attention to the details: especially when it comes to dry food, very often the animal tends to move them around, shifting the bowl as it tries to reach those last tasty bits. Thankfully, the Japanese are very good at detail and this is why they came up with a different concept for a food bowl that enables your pet to enjoy its food even more. It is the ideaco Pet Feeder Tilted Food Bowl for Dogs!

Available in two heights, one at 11 cm (4.3") and the other at 15 cm (5.9"), to suit dogs of different breeds (and a few cats as well!), the ideaco Pet Feeder Tilted Food Bowl for Dogs is made of two parts: the bowl where you put the food and the base that holds it up and tilted. This tilt is the thing that makes this feeder different from other bowls and feeders, because it allows the food to collect at the bottom so your animal can eat much more comfortably. Made of natural stone (for the base) and bamboo melamine (for the bowl), this will last for years, is easy to clean, and is stylish to look at!

Specs and Features:

  • Options: short, tall
  • For dogs
  • Parts: base and bowl
  • Tilted
  • Bowl is dishwasher- and microwave-compatible
  • Capacity: 350 ml (4.7 fl oz)
  • Dimensions (short): 145 x 145 x 110 mm (5.7 x 5.7 x 4.3")
  • Dimensions (tall): 145 x 145 x 150 mm (5.7 x 5.7 x 5.9")
  • Weight (short): 640 g (1.4 lb)
  • Weight (tall): 830 g (1.8 lb)
  • Materials (base): natural stone, polyester resin, silicone, EVA
  • Material (bowl): bamboo melamine
  • Comes with anti-slip stickers
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