icicolor Crayons

Children's hand-shaped drawing toys

The icicolor Crayons come as a set of six different colors, each perfectly shaped to fit a young artist's hands and make it easier for them to draw. The special intuitive pebble-like form (the "ici" in the name is a reference to ishi, the Japanese word for "stone") of the crayons allow you to draw both lines and full shapes, as well as color in. The materials are also designed to be safe even if a child places the crayon in their mouth.

icicolor Crayons

The icicolor Crayons features:

  • Six-color set (dark green, light green, orange, red, yellow, blue)
  • Unique stone shape
  • Recommended for ages 3 and over
  • Made in Japan

icicolor Crayons
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