Ice Maaje Ice Cream Mixer

The Ice Maaje is an artisan ice-cream maker, a simple way to make delicious custom ice cream mixes in small batches. Rather than buy a whole tub of a flavor you want to try, why not make a new mix every time? Just put your toppings into the unit along with vanilla ice cream (or any other flavor), turn the handle, and watch your perfectly blended ice cream mix come out the bottom. The mechanics inside blend toppings evenly and smoothly, and the Maaje's simple design makes cleaning easy and quick.

Ice Maaje Ice Cream Mixer

The Ice Maaje features:

  • Smooth, powerful crank-powered mixing action
  • Sturdy ABS plastic construction
  • All parts machine-washable
  • Manual: Japanese

Sample Recipes for the Ice Maaje:

Gourmet Ice:

  • Blue Cheese and Cream Cheese
  • Marshmallow
  • Seasonal fruits
Healthy Ice:
  • Dried plum and Devil's apron
  • Black and white seasame seeds
  • Dried fruit
Grown-up Ice:
  • Sake (Japanese sake, brandy, or fruit liqueur)
  • Fresh herbs

Ice Maaje Ice Cream Mixer

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