Hello Kitty Dry Suit

Sanrio character diving, water sport gear

The Hello Kitty Dry Suit is for seriously kawaii water sports. Look out for the Sanrio cat's iconic red and white ribbons decorating the arms and shoulders, as well as a few on the chest. And can you spot Hello Kitty's eyes and whiskers too? Just in case you can't tell what character this is meant to be, "Hello Kitty" is stamped on the back of the left leg.

Hello Kitty Dry Suit

You can also get a Hello Kitty diving hood for the final touch (available in black or white), complete with a red Kitty-chan ribbon (large or small sizes). There is an ankle weight too. This is a strictly limited edition item, with only 50 available.

The Hello Kitty Dry Suit features:

  • Genuine dry suit with valve and sealing
  • Limited edition of 50 suits
  • Optional hood (white or black) with red ribbon (large or small)
  • Optional ankle weight (500g, 1.1 lbs)

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