Gumipple Lab Shocking Gummies Kit

Gummy candy insect and amphibian figure-making set

One of the things kids in Japan learn as early as kindergarten is an appreciation of bugs. On summer weekends, Japanese children of preschool age and older can be seen all over Japan's forests and parks, collecting insects large and small, and learning all about their lives and habitats. If you think this is a great idea but don't care much for the actual bugs, the Gumipple Lab Shocking Gummies Kit allows your kids to create some in your own kitchen, play with them, and even eat them with no danger at all!

The Gumipple Lab Shocking Gummies Kit has all the tools needed to make some very realistic insects like scorpions and rhinoceros beetles as well as frogs and tadpoles. So pretty much everything that falls under the category "yucky." What you will need to add is juices of different colors (or plain water and food colors) and some gelatin used for making sweets. After your creations have spent a few hours in the refrigerator, they are ready for your children to enjoy. Just be prepared for all the tricks they may play, like putting a gummy caterpillar in their food!

Specs and Features:

  • Contains 3 molds for 23 different figures, 2 beakers, mixer, base
  • Gelatin and juice not included
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
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