Gumipple Lab Glitter Gummies Kit

Gummy candy girly items cooking set

Precious stones, a glass shoe like Cinderella's, perfume bottles, compact powder boxes. All shiny and bright and ready to use as decoration in cocktails, ice creams, or juices. And all made from gummy candy using the Gumipple Lab Glitter Gummies Kit, a set that young girls will love. Great for a kids' party, you can create amazing treats that everyone will adore: the only limit is your imagination!

The Gumipple Lab Glitter Gummies Kit contains everything you need to make 39 different items, including the molds, beakers, mixer, and base to put them in during preparation, and even small tools like a spoon and tweezers (all made of plastic and perfectly safe). What you need to add yourself are just the juices in different colors and patisserie gelatin, which are available at most supermarkets and grocery stores. Put the finished molds in the refrigerator and after a few hours, your shiny jewels are ready to play with!

Specs and Features:

  • Contains 3 molds for 39 different items, 2 beakers, mixer, base
  • Gelatin and juice not included
  • Instructions/manual: Japanese
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