Guh Waste Paper Basket

Designer rubbish bin twin set

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In Japan they like to be precise even about the things that are thrown away. So each local authority has its own rules about sorting and dividing garbage into different materials, to be put out on different days. This has created a market for tools and vessels that can hold our separated waste, though many are bulky affairs that are fine in the kitchen but not in the minimal living room, bedroom or office. But designer Gaku Otomo had another approach. The result is the Guh.

Guh Waste Paper Basket

This stylish waste paper basket is a cylindrical bin but which nevertheless still allows you to separate between recyclable or non-recyclable materials. Guh is "hug" spelt backwards and, as the name suggests, is formed from an O-shaped bin "hugging" a C-shaped bin. Each is obviously a different size and with varying capacities. Ergonomic and attractive, the Guh can thus work as two independent bins or be used in tandem by fitting them together. Available in black, white or brown.

Guh Waste Paper Basket

The Guh features:

  • Two combinable refuse bins
  • Colors: black, white or brown
  • Large bin: 235 x 250 x 375mm (9.3 x 9.8 x 14.8")
  • Small bin: 147 x 173 x 375mm (5.8 x 6.8 x 14.8")
  • Capacities: 10.4L (large), 6.6L (small)
  • Made in Japan

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