Gudetama Talking Coin Bank

Sanrio character money box

Gudetama, Japan's favorite lazy egg, might not be your first choice for most activities, what with the character's aversion to most physical exercise. But if you just need someone to watch your money, Gudetama is a solid selection. Made by Sanrio, the Gudetama Talking Coin Bank is a great place to stash your spare change that resembles the lazy egg like a suitcase. What's more, every time you insert a coin, Gudetama will say something in his typical style. Saving up money is rarely this adorable.

Gudetama Talking Coin Bank

The Gudetama Talking Coin Bank features:

  • Official Sanrio merchandise
  • In shape of Gudetama, the lazy egg, as a suitcase
  • Talks every time coins are inserted inside
  • Size: 11 x 17.5 x 10cm (4.3 x 7 x 4")
  • Power: LR44 batteries (not included)

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