Garigari-kun Fridgeezoo Fridge Pet

Gari gari refrigerator talking eco toy

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Garigari-kun is one of the most popular of all Japanese characters, having appeared on the packaging for his eponymous ice popsicle for decades. To see Garigari-kun is to think of cool summer days with a sweet dessert in your hand. But let's keep things as chilled as Garigari-kun wants them, and this Garigari-kun Fridgeezoo is the perfect way to do it. Part of the Fridgeezoo series of talking refrigerator toys, Garigari-kun will chat to you when the door to your fridge is open and he is getting warm.

Garigari-kun Fridgeezoo Fridge Pet

With his huge mouth and teeth, Garigari-kun is unforgettable - and now he will also ensure you also don't forget to close the fridge door. There are twenty-four things he says, so you will never tire of Garigari-kun, and this is a great way to teach the kids to be more environmentally friendly and save power. If you know Garigari-kun from the popsicle TV commercials, you will recognise the original voices - and even if you don't, this is still adorable!

The Garigari-kun Fridgeezoo features:

  • Use in refrigerator. Do not use in freezer
  • 24 varieties of speech
  • Voice language: Japanese
  • Power: batteries
  • Instructions: Japanese only (but self-explanatory)

Garigari-kun Fridgeezoo Fridge Pet
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