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Endless Rain Record

Vinyl LP record of rain sounds

Japan hasn't really caught up in the whole "vinyl renaissance" trend yet, but the Japanese have certainly an ear for high-quality sound and a special poetic sensitivity when it comes to rain. Based on the belief that the sound of the rain can be really soothing and that our modern way of life doesn't allow us to hear enough of it, Shizuoka-based designer Kouichi Okamoto came up with the Endless Rain Record, a product both retro and at the same time very modern.

Endless Rain Record

This is a vinyl LP like the ones music used to be released on back in the prehistoric days before the Internet. On one side, there is the sound of rain, while on the other are sounds of single rain drops. Both sides offer an endless loop allowing you to leave the record on your turntable to keep on playing for hours. Itself a beautiful object with the Japanese Kanji characters for "rain" and "raindrop" eloquently printed on the labels, the Endless Rain Record allows you to transform your living space.

Endless Rain Record

The Endless Rain Record features:

  • Standard 12" vinyl record
  • Six different kinds of water sounds: rain (10' + 1"8 loop) and drops (5 x 1"8 loops)
  • Plays on all kinds of turntables
  • Turntable or audio player not included
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)

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