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D.U.P. Wonder Eyelid Tape

Futae double eyelid cosmetics kit

Get the double eyelid-look much sought after by Japanese girls with this D.U.P. Wonder Eyelid Tape. No need for painful surgery. You can get a futae effect just by adding the mild tape to the top of your eyes.

D.U.P. Wonder Eyelid Tape

First clean your eyelids of dirt and make-up. Next use the specially included v-shaped stick to set the tape over the top of your eyelids. And the best thing is that the eyelid tape won't look obvious to anyone nor will it slip off with sweat or water.

D.U.P. Wonder Eyelid Tape

The D.U.P. Wonder Eyelid Tape features:

  • Easy-on-the-skin mild type
  • Contains 120 pieces of tape and a v-shaped stick for applying the tape
  • Instructions: Japanese only (includes photos)
  • Made in Japan

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