Donburi Playing Cards

Japanese rice bowl food trumps

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The Donburi Playing Cards is a unique Japanese cuisine-inspired set of cards that includes 54 recipes around the edge. The cards are shaped like the round bowls for which donburi rice dishes are famous. You can have fun learning about all the colorful variations of donburi that exist in Japan as well as using the cards just like a regular pack of playing cards.

Donburi Playing Cards

The back of the cards are all the same, increasing the number of games you can play with the set. Even the pack for the cards resembles a donburi take-out box. This is a must-have for card game fans or anyone who loves unusual food!

Donburi Playing Cards

The Donburi Playing Cards features:

  • 54 playing cards
  • Recipes only in Japanese
  • Made in Japan

Donburi Playing Cards
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