Dianage Luxury Huile Skin Oil

Capsulated natural oils skin care

Treat your skin to an extravagant feeling with Dianage Luxury Huile Skin Oil from celebrated cosmetics brand Diana. This oil can be applied to the face or body, and it boasts 9 kinds of essential oils, 6 kinds of premium oils and 10 varieties of essential fatty acids. This smooth product won't just help you avoid dryness, but will also make your skin look younger as it features special skin lipids resembling that of a healthy 22-year-old. This pack includes 45 capsules of oil, all made in Japan.

Dianage Luxury Huile Skin Oil

The Dianage Luxury Huile Skin Oil features:

  • Suitable for face care, neck care, nail care, hair care
  • 45 capsules of 300 ml (10.1 fl oz) worth of oil
  • Features L22 lipid
  • Features 9 essential oils, 6 premium oils and 10 essential fatty acids
  • Made in Japan

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