Deoest Women's Odor Eliminating Deodorant Underwear

Lady's deodorizing anti-smell panties

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Especially designed to kill 95% of gas, sweat and other unwanted odors, the Deoest Women's Underwear is the ideal pair of panties for anyone who worries a lot about smells. 80% of bad odors are eliminated in the first 30 seconds and the underwear retains its functionality even after 100 washes.

Deoest Womens Odor Eliminating Deodorant Underwear

Attention has also been paid to the look of the underwear and practicalities: They come in three colors (beige, pink, black) and several sizes, plus with smart lace frills around the edge of the panties.

Deoest Womens Odor Eliminating Deodorant Underwear

The Deoest Women's Odor Eliminating Underwear features:

  • Colors: beige, pink, black
  • Size: small, medium, large or extra large
  • Small: waist 58-64cm (22.8-25.2"), hips 78-89cm (30.7-35")
  • Medium: waist 64-70 (25.2-27.6"), hips 83-93cm (32.7-36.6")
  • Large: waist 70-77cm (27.6-30.3"), hips 86-96cm (33.9-37.8")
  • Extra large: waist 77-85cm (30.3-33.5"), hips 89-99cm (35-39")
  • Materials: cotton (95%), polyurethane (5%)
  • Handwash for best results
  • Instructions: Japanese

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