Buddha Nightlight

Buddha statue portable tabletop light

There are two particularly big sitting Buddha statues in Japan (one in Nara near Kyoto and one in Kamakura, near Tokyo) and they are both considered exemplars of Buddhist art and the values of the religion itself. People have been making replicas of these statues for centuries and some of the best are created by Tokyo's Suiundo Honten, who has been involved in making the Buddha Nightlight. So what you get here is certainly not just a cheap Buddha-shaped tabletop lamp!

Beautifully detailed using elements from Japan's two big Buddhas, the Buddha Nightlight fits as perfectly in your meditation space or pretty much anywhere else. It is small (about 12.6 x 10 x 10 cm or 5 x 3.9 x 3.9"), so you can take it wherever you go, and is made of durable silicone and needs just three AAA batteries for power. Have Buddha literally enlighten you and your space with this beautiful piece of art!

Specs and Features:

  • Collaboration with historical Tokyo Buddhist supplies shop Suiundo Honten (est. 1937)
  • Dimensions: approx. 12.6 x 10 x 10 cm (5 x 3.9 x 3.9")
  • Material: silicone
  • Power: 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Comes with 8-page B5 booklet
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